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Last movie you saw?
Eraser, it’s always a pleisure.

Last CD you bought?
Sex Pistols- Never mind the bollocks

Last book you read?
Robert Harris, Aurora

Last song you listened to?
Song from Heath’s Part in Sight Unseen

Last time you passed out?
Friday, two weeks ago

Last time you thought you’re going to die?
Two days ago, when I slammed on my face

Last magazine you subscribed to?
some computer mag for 3 issues, then cancelled

Last time you signed an autograph?
Last time Icleaned the beer pipeline in ododo

Last foreign country you visited?

Last trick you filmed?
B/s 50-50 a ledge, but bailed

Last time you feld out of place?
Always when I smoke

Last fight you got into?
Fight at KPO, totally drunk and confused

Last video game you played?
Rainbow Six, Playstation

Last time when you’re arrested?
Half a year ago

Last trick you learned?
fs 180° flip

Last time you were inspired?
I saw two new spots this week

Last articel of clothing you bought?
a black shirt

Last time you felt stupid?
Everytime I see my son happy and me not

Last time you rode in an ambulance?
Years ago, when I break my finger

Last skatevideo you watched?
Sight Unseen

Last thing that changed your life?
Knock out, two days ago

Last good tip someone gave you?
Stay at home and chill

Last time you played a teamsport?
3 Month ago, basketball

Last time you felt discouraged about the skateboard industry?
it sucks

Last time I felt totally confused?
Getting up from a Knockout

Last time you got ripped of?
Everytime I hang around with yugobetrugo

Last time you felt proud of yourself?
Everytime I can help Josh learning

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