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Last movie you saw?
Biene Maja, how she learns to fly

Last time you skated with your son?
a week ago

Last song you listened to?
the doors, the end

Last time you woke up not knowing where you were?

Last time you wished you were someone else:

Last time you thought you were going to die?
When I slammed on both hands while trying to do a nollie fs noseslide

Last time you were nervous?
yesterday when I forgot to buy a ticket for the subway

Last photo shoot you went on?
Gerhard Stochl took a photo of me at my house for an article called “skaters and their homes”

Last meal you ate?
Breakfast, Brezen and butter.

Last trick you learned?
f/s crooked to fakie

Last time you got inspired?
I saw the Welcome to Hell, Toy Machine - video yesterday

Last time you felt patriotic?

Last time you apologized?

Last time you got injured?
Yesterday, I got a hang-up while nollie fs noseslide down a handrail. Both wrists are fucked up

Last skate video you watched?
Welcome to Hell, Toy Machine

last time you went to the library?
Maybe ten years ago

Last time you said “this is the last time”?
yesterday. I tried to Kickflip f/s boardslide over and over

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